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Jn the zompire epidemic threatens a small California town, Slayer and Watcher join forces to eradicate an overwhelming new evil. Cue Spike, compelled to cpnanby by his best friend in her moment of need. Together they'll tackle the increasing zompire population and a rogue Slayer out for blood. DeKnight WDrew Z. Meanwhile, Dawn finally deals with her ongoing growing pains. Plus, a peek into the past of villainous siblings Pearl and Nash. For a vampire with a soul and an aching heart, dabbling in a little villainy is a welcome distraction.

But Spike will have to beware if the distraction becomes too much to handle. Seeking wex squash the Finsd before it gains any more ground, vicious dictator Tomo Wolfe pulls ij all the stops, revealing new monstrosities and abominable weapons that will push Orchid to her limits. Follow Orchid and her compatriots as they head to the fearsome Fortress Penuel in a seemingly hopeless attempt to rescue a rebel leader before his execution. The numbers are stacked against them, but a secret weapon just might help them succeed and escape with their lives. Collects issues 5- 8 of the Orchid series.

Contains free music download codes! But the situation turns deadly when an assassin kills the Count, and Cross finds himself working both sides of the intrigue!

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