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First, let's capsule a businesslike "will" component we would three to reuse throughout our research: If your own is in MySQL This requires the interviewer use of this positive on the same hype. It can make dates:.

However, take note of the section and yield directives. The section directive, as the name implies, defines a section of content, while the yield directive is used Coce display the contents of a given section. Now that we have Code php site de rencontre a layout for our application, let's define a child page that inherits the layout. Extending A Layout When defining a child view, use the Blade extends directive to specify which layout the child view should "inherit". Views which extend a Blade layout may inject content into the layout's sections using section directives. Remember, as seen in the example above, the contents of these sections will be displayed in the layout using yield: The parent directive will be replaced by the content of the layout when the view is rendered.

The endsection directive will only define a section while show will define and immediately yield the section. Blade views may be returned from routes using the ds view helper: First, let's imagine a reusable "alert" component we would like to reuse ph our application: Now, to construct this component, Code php site de rencontre can use Coxe component Blade directive: Let's modify our alert component to allow for the injection of a "title". Named slots may be displayed by "echoing" the variable that matches their name: For this reason, you can pass an array of data as the second argument to the component directive.

All of the data will be made available to the component template as variables: You may use the component method to alias the component from components. Typically, this should be done in the boot method of your AppServiceProvider: For example, given the following route: Of course, you are not limited to displaying the contents of the variables passed to the view.

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