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Unique landmarks and ruins can be discovered in each region. Side activities such as races, time datinf, [20] invading enemy fortresses, and eliminating enemy convoys can be mac in datibg region. A region's threat level is lowered by completing these activities, facilitating its navigation. After seeing the objectives through binoculars, they are highlighted on the map. The player can collect one jerrycan at a time, storing it in the back of the Magnum Opus, [27] and can find collectibles history relics Max dating max dating the game. The relics Max dating max dating primarily photos and notes of the wasteland before the apocalypse. According to Avalanche, due to the "Big Nothing", the game's map is infinite.

Scrotus and the War Boys run Max off the road and steal his clothes, supplies, weapons and car, leaving him to die in the desert. Max chases them and challenges Scrotus to a duel on the Land Mover. Scrotus sicks his dog on Max but fails and is brutally kicked off the moving Land Mover by him. He stabs Scrotus in the head with his own chainsaw but is no match for Scrotus, who kicks Max and his dog out of the Land Mover. Wandering around the desert, Max finds an overzealous, hunchbacked mechanic named Chumbucket Jason Spisak who calls him the Driver.

Chumbucket leads Max to Scrotus and the War Boys and tells him that he built a car, the Magnum Opus, which has a few missing parts; Max agrees to search for them. Max must first liberate Wasteland leaders' territories from the War Boys: Jeet Josh Keatonwhose stronghold is in an old lighthouse, and Gut Gash Liam O'Brienwhose followers believe that they will be protected from a flood in their ship stronghold. His stronghold is the remains of an oil tanker.

He must penetrate the Jaw, a massive gate protected by War Boys, with the Magnum Max dating max dating outfitted with the Thunderpoon an exploding harpoon. His victory is short-lived; Scrotus delivers the prize and attacks him. After he is shot with a crossbow and thrown down a mine shaft Max is saved by Hope, who takes him to the Organic Mechanic and Scab Orion Acaba —also known as the Bloodbag. While Max is undergoing surgery, he has a hallucination that his wedding to Hope is officiated by Chumbucket and a man with a dog's head.

He eventually agrees, and travels to the Underdune. After Max rescues Glory from the Buzzards he returns to the temple to discover that Chumbucket, in a fit of jealous rage, had brought the Magnum Opus back to his old home in the south.


Max follows him in one of Deep Friah's cars, but learns that Scrotus and Stank Gum had arrived first. They tortured Chumbucket, who revealed Hope and Glory's location and their ties to Max. Max kills Stank Gum, rushes back to the temple and finds Hope hanged to death and Glory who had also been tortured on the floor. Glory soon dies too, and Max swears vengeance against Scrotus. He Max dating max dating to Gastown and learns Scrotus' location from Scab. Max and Chumbucket find Scrotus driving around the Purgatory Flatlands, an area far away from the Great White and use the Magnum Opus to crash the Land Mover, which is pushed to the edge of a cliff. Max wants to push the Mover off the cliff with the Magnum Opus but is opposed by Chumbucket, who considers himself the car's protector.

Scrotus escapes with the Interceptor, Max's car at the start of the game, and challenges him. Max wins the battle, pulling the chainsaw blade out of Scrotus' head and killing him. A look at the Instant Pot Max's new controls. You can also tweak how these presets handle food. For instance, you can adjust pressure and temperature or add a delayed start. The Instant Pot Max has touchscreen controls. With current Instant Pots, you either wait for a natural release or manually open the steam valve. With the Max, you can program it to release its pressure quickly, slowly or pulse for moderate speed.

Also useful is a planned agitation feature that will stir food. First published March 10 at Update March 12, Adds details about the Instant Pot Max getting a sous vide cooking feature.